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Application Engineering

E&I Laureate Mark Lamontia Explains How Collaboration Is at the Center of Value Creation

In 1986, Mark Lamontia’s career at DuPont took a major turn, as he pioneered “application engineering” at DuPont. Instead of focusing on getting more and better products from manufacturing plants, he and his team began working with customers on applications that would use DuPont materials. Mark discusses how this approach improved military vests and helmets, sterile medical packaging, and more.

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The Pursuit of Sustainability

DuPont Laureate Sourav K. Sengupta on His “Life’s Calling” 

Anyone who thinks that religion and science can never mix hasn’t met Sourav Sengupta. Rooted in teachings contained in the Hindu sacred book Bhagavad Gita, he believes that his life’s work belongs to the greater good of humankind. Here, Sourav describes how this conviction has led to a calling in life—and in his work—focused on the pursuit of sustainable processes.

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