Materials for Composites, Interlayers & Laminates


Our materials for composites, interlayers and laminates strengthen and improve shatter resistance of glass and reduce glare and noise for increased privacy and comfort.

The use of composites, interlayers, and laminates span many industries - architectural, automotive, construction, electronics, and solar just to name a few. Take advantage of our knowledge, know-how, and science-based innovation in tackling the challenges you encounter designing, producing, and using composites, interlayers and laminates. Composites using Kevlar® and Nomex® have a high strength-to-weight ratio and can increase performance and value. Interlayers of Butacite® and SentryGlas® improve the safety and shatter-resistance of glass in automotive, architectural, construction, and marine applications. Laminates utilizing our solar encapsulants, Pyralux®, and Spallshield® improve the performance and longevity of solar panels, electronic components, and automotive glass. Think of us first when working with composites, interlayers and laminates.


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