DuPont Innovation Center, Silicon Valley


Our Silicon Valley Innovation Center is a dynamic hub where visitors can explore cutting-edge technical applications in consumer electronics, EV/HEV/autonomous vehicles, 5G technologies, wearables, smart materials, and more.

The DuPont Silicon Valley Innovation Center is co-located in the DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center (SVTC) in Sunnyvale, California. The SVTC is also home to an Application Center as well as office and meeting space. As with all our Innovation Centers around the world, customers can connect with our global network of over 9,000 scientists, chemists, and engineers.

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Guests can experience and interact with the various exhibits inside the Innovation Center. From touch based displays filled with rich content and stories to prototypes and raw materials. Visitors can truly immerse themselves in the world of DuPont materials.


Aside from the various exhibits the Innovation Center is also a collaborative hub where guests and partners are able to learn from and collaborate with some of brightest scientists and engineers from within DuPont's vast network. 


Join us for the various industry based events, site tours and collaboration sessions, both virtual and in person!



965 West Maude Ave

Sunnyvale, CA, 94085