DuPont de Nemours, Inc. Statement on Bioethics and Biodiversity


DuPont is committed to comprehensive stewardship of biotechnology as we leverage it for beneficial use. We believe in a prudent approach that carefully considers societal input, protection of the environment and the need for increased innovation toward a more sustainable, bio-based economy.

The following Bioethics Guiding Principles will guide us operationally and help us fulfil our commitment to comprehensive stewardship as we pursue the opportunities and benefits biotechnology can offer the world. We will apply continuous learning, improvement and revision to these principles, in order to address emerging issues.

DuPont Biotechnology: Bioethics Guiding Principles

1. Commitment to Human and Animal Safety

DuPont will develop products derived from biotechnology that are at least as safe as their conventionally produced counterparts for both animal feed and human food as well as other consumer applications using the best available scientific knowledge.

2. Environmental Focus

DuPont will endeavor to apply biotechnology in production systems with a focus on increasing efficiency in our use of natural resources and reducing emissions from those systems into the environment.

3. Conserving Biodiversity

Protection of the world’s biodiversity is an important societal need, and a critical requirement for developing new products. As part of our corporate commitment to sustainable growth, and our core value of Protecting the Planet, DuPont will strive to protect and conserve natural resources and biodiversity. Specifically, we will:

•  review the impact of our operations and technology on local natural biodiversity, including ecosystems and habitats.

•  support the adoption of biodiversity conservation and sustainable use goals and objectives in international frameworks, while advocating that these goals and objectives be implemented using science-based, risk-proportionate provisions and protocols.

4. Transparency of Information

DuPont believes in the individual’s right to information regarding product safety. DuPont will disclose safety information on its products in a clear and accessible manner.

5. Engaging Stakeholders

DuPont will engage stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees and members of society) and consider their diverse viewpoints in its decision-making process for products derived from biotechnology.

6. Contributing to Developing Economies

DuPont will endeavor to be socially and culturally responsible as it shares knowledge and appropriate technology in developing economies to help improve food security, nutrition and quality of life.

7. Knowledge Sharing

Advance education in biotechnology through support of research at public institutions, publication of research in peer-reviewed journals, presentations at scientific conferences, and interactions with customers, educators and students.